My name is MaryÂm, I was born on the Reunion Island from a reunionnise mum and an indian dad (from India).

I was 3 years old when my dad chose to leave the family, giving us the opportunity, my mom, my sister and I, to move to France (in this big country) and live a life that I sometimes refer to as "Goddess Land": A life between women, - between Goddesses -, all 3, for 12 years. My mother did not consciously chose a life "where one (alone) generates money for their home", she had in fact dreamed and chose exactly the opposite : To be a "housewife". Her dream was "dropped in the water" (in appearance) when my dad left, she had to revisit the design ...

Goddess Land was born.

Beyond the less pleasant aspects of this great country, - where I remember arriving by tumbling down the escalator from the airport -, like the (cold) temperature, the "your skin color is darker, we can not playing with you at the recreation" of my schoolmates, etc., I loved growing up, - after we spent months in a homeless care center (we had no home to live in when we arrived...) -, I loved growing up in a house with a garden filled with flowers, trees and plants planted by ourselves (with the help of precious friends), surrounded by magical animals (who led me to become a vegetarian age 12), to study in private schools, to be dressed in the most beautiful princess clothes sewn by my mother, to learn music and dance, to play the violin, doing art, circus, and so many other creative and fulfilling activities funded by the Miracles of Life, because social help was the main income we had then at that time, and

We lived in reality, as my mother sometimes said,

with "less than 1 euro a day".

When entering high school, - I was 14 years old - we moved from our "Goddess Land" to live in a big city (Bordeaux, France) where I continued studies of music and literature. In the meantime I discovered fasting and starte to stay the week ends at MacDonalds. Not to eat (nor to fast actually) but to work. I was so afraid of being poor that I started working full time as much as I could. My mum did not have money to pay for the rent at some point so we moved in the country in a shared house. We did not have a car, so we were dependant on the landlord to come in and out of the house. I discovered worse than being poor : Being dependant.

After a few years of cumulating full time jobs and long studies, I decided to go and work in Paris city, while finishing my Master degree in Management and Business Strategy. In the meantime, I learn about meditation, become a vegan, and go deeper into fasting.

The following year, 2013, I resign from my job for physical and mental health reasons. Working as an employee is no longer suitable for the person I have become and I decide to create my own activity, from scratch (sorry, with tooons of diplomas), with no savings, just following my intuition, simply doing what I love. My choice is to live a more nourishing life, one that grows in health, energy, joy, wisdom, abilities, quality of life, time available, rather than the other way around.

Feeling exhausted, I go to India at the end of 2013, for 2 months.

I remember intensely praying for help to embody a better version of myself, to be guided the best way, to be accompanied on the path I have chosen.

I then meet the one who will become a Mentor

for me for more than 3 years.

I participate in the creation of over 150 video interviews

on the topic of fasting and energy.

Working by myself then becomes the most challenging part in my human life. I remember this day : I am laying down on the floor of my 5.72 m2 molded "attic" (the only place I can afford to stay in), unable to stand up, burned out from overworking day and night, depressed, broke, wearing the same clothes for days because I work so much that I don't even think about caring for myself. I look at my window, see the shining sun and I have this flashback of me, 3 years earlier, looking at the sun through the window of the office, telling myself : "MaryÂm, now you are quitting your job as an employee to be able to go out anytime the sun is out".

And there I was, looking at the sun, unable to go out... When I start crying out of despair, inside of me a little voice is telling me : "MaryÂm, you know what you don't have, but can you see what You Do have ?". Hearing this, I start scaning my attic, see this little box containing the tools I use for my Meditation and suddenly I realize : "I have Meditation. I can do that." I manage to sit up (which was a Victory), grab the little box, open it and start meditating.

Straight after my session, the phone rings several times :

  • 1) One call is the bank telling me they will wait for me to be able to pay off my debts with no fees (they actually waited for months, without a single letter, call, fee, nothing).
  • 2) One call is an invitation to stay as long as I want in a new place, in another country.
  • 3) One call is my mum buying me the ticket for this new place that will totally shift my existence.
  • 4) One call is money coming in the most unexpected way.

From then on, surrendering through daily Meditation opened the door to Miracles.

Within 2 years, I shift from poverty (-$90.000) to independence (emotional, financial...), becoming able to generate energy in the form of money as well, through my own creativity, anywhere in the world.


This thanks to living a more energetic & nourrishing life. Join my newsletter to know more !

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