Here is my access to the super fast reprogramming audio session that grows my level of serotonin and lowers my level of stress to 0 :

(duration : about 8 minutes)

Why is it working ? See below !


This is the access rate most people have to their brain abilities.

Using 5% of my brain abilities, I get the results of a lifestyle aligned with these realities:

- having to work a certain number of hours to have a limited salary (instead of an income according to the value I create)

- having to eat "this and that" to have energy (instead of living a life that nourishes me regardless of what I eat or do not eat)

- having to choose between "living my dreams" and "living what is expected of me" or "having a job to pay my bills"

> a lifestyle aligned with the frequency of survival.

But what would my life be like if I had access to more of my abilities?

My reality would be completely different.

I would have access to abundance, in peace, simply. Thanks to my enlightened understanding of "how it works, growing prosperity without having to do more". Just by knowing the Law of Energy. Just by living with Energy.

And if I'm working on a constant expansion of my abilities, thanks to a precise method that has already proven itself, is validated by science and requires less than 10 minutes of introspection per day, then I continue to amplify my energy and my abilities in an exponential way and I live my Paradise. Here and now. No need to take a vacation, to travel, because my life is so much better than a getaway ...

Goodbye "Skull stuffing", affirmations, mantras, no more need for "positive thinking", diploma, network, contacts, etc., because the combo of this innovative method does the job.

Revelation N°1.

Sometimes perceived as a constraint (time / availability, financing ...), this revelation is in fact the necessary means allowing me :

  • to evolve, to transform,
  • to gain confidence,
  • to remain anchored, therefore in a body-mind balance as well as finances,
  • to have access to new capacities,
  • to develop new skills,
  • to serve humanity,
  • to understand how the world in which I live works and evolves.

For some types of work, it is also a legal obligation, showing how essential it is to ...

... to train ourselves throughout life.

The first essential key of our innovative method is : Ongoing Training.

Except that the training has disadvantages: It requires time, a lot of availability, a trainer, tools, work, the feeling of being alone and / or misunderstood, efforts to set up new habits, knowing how to understand change positively, some funding ... to name only a few.

This is why ongoing training/courses throughout life, despite its benefits, has not found its place in everyone's daily life.

Revelation N°2.

Everyone knows it, to some extent. But...

- We still often think that it is reduced to a sympathetic, contemplative and relaxing activity.

- We still often equate it with spirituality, simply because we find it always integrated in the ancestral practices called religious, or humanistic.

- Most of us still think that it is only a "trend" phenomenon, resulting from the Californian movements of the 70s and reserved for a certain social and intellectual elite.

- Some find that it requires predispositions, that to indulge in this practice is complicated, that not everyone can do it.

- Others see it with a skeptical eye because it goes against the race to hyperactivity that can reign in our modern society.

This is why meditation has not found its place in everyone's daily life.

This is why meditation is not the first method we turn to, to solve the most basic human problems.

This despite ...

Irrefutable scientific evidence :

  • In recent years, 25 clinical studies have been conducted in the United States with nearly 1000 patients with stress. The results showed that meditation had the effect of lowering blood pressure as well as a specialized diet and exercise program.
  • It has been clinically proven that almost 100% of depressed people who associate meditation with their treatment see their condition improve, compared to less than 50% of subjects relying only on medical treatment.
  • The University of Pennsylvania recently conducted a study of 20 patients aged 52 to 77, all with memory or Alzheimer's disorders. Separated into two groups, one practiced meditation while the other listened to Mozart. After 8 weeks, neuropsychological tests were performed on both groups. The patients who practiced the meditation had progressed a lot while the situation of the others had not improved at all.
  • Torrance's famous "Test of Creative Thought" proved that the practice of meditation and the development of artistic potential were naturally allied with each other.
  • Dr. Timothy McCall has shown that stress increases cortisol levels. It stimulates the appetite and accumulates calories that become fat. However, the practice of meditation tends to reduce this rate of cortisol. In terms of weight loss, faster and more durable results were found in the meditation subject than aerobics.
  • Even more surprising, even more promising: Researchers have shown that when the number of practitioners approaches the square root of the world's population, conflicts around the globe can benefit. Clearly : A group of about 7000 people practicing meditation can, by itself and according to science, appease the hostilities of one or more countries. A test had even been conducted in Washington on this subject : The population was called to meditation for several consecutive days. Following this wave of meditation, scientists and government authorities said that a 23% drop in crime had occurred.

It is high time to exploit the tremendous power that is in each of us and is revealed through the simple regular practice of meditation.

However, to calm thoughts, even only for a few seconds, is a major challenge for most of us.

The vast majority of those who meditate do want to meditate, but remain at the superficial level of a "slight relaxation". A superficiality that does not allow to live actively and simply our true intentions (to help others, to be more independent, more prosperous, to transform one's body ...), which remain buried by the power of a mind that controls rather than to be right in its place: In the service of the Master. The one I am when I know how to really meditate.

90% of those who engage in meditation remain at this stage.

It is true that the first appearances of today's life do not necessarily favor "letting go". If meditation was so simple, everyone would be talking about the Zen transformations of their life, or their wonderful spiritual experiences, and not about anything else.

As a result, some people are definitely leaving meditation behind, depriving themselves of one of the most powerful tools to transform their lives.

It is all the more unfortunate that others (a small minority still certainly) achieve extraordinary results ...

Simply because they chose a simple, powerful and sustainable method : A method of training and education that includes the principles of Meditation.

" unlike any other teaching I know. The results are incredible in many different areas. Some examples: obtaining a more interesting position (center of autism resources) than the one I currently occupy in cardiology, in 1 snap of fingers while there were postulants much more qualified than me..."

"You are a Goddess ! Your ideas are great, your energy is high. And travelling with a selfie stick to record my teachings on the go has been one of the most simple feedback you shared that made my Breatharian Lifestyle even more fun, shareable & profitable.”

"After listening to the audios and practicing, the roads have emerged as miraculously. A small example: I am an air contortionist and I wanted to create a performance with a partner in a star but I had neither the budget to build it nor the partner. And overnight the manufacturer to whom I had asked for a quote to propose to offer me the star in exchange for an advertising partnership. Not to mention all the little things on a daily basis that allow me to save time..."

"...I have always been inefficient in the commercial field or in sales, I did not like money ... and here with you, I find myself in a sales force, a bit American, very framed and uninhibited, and I'm like a fish in the water! You always validate what is beautiful is great in others and at the professional level, what a booster! Everything is simple, you know how to structure Work Matrices in which we only have to melt and play. You are an illuminator of unlimited potentials!

Short...gratitude MaryÂm !"

“Since I've been listening to your different videos, things are speeding up in my life on a material level: I'm starting to meet the right people and my professional life, which was at a standstill, starts to build relationships ... finally..."

“Physiology side : I'm 52 years old and have been menopausal for 2 years, and there, return of my periods this week, as if my gonads had regenerated ... and many other small things less significant but I feel overall this creative power of which I was already conscious before but which was only a theoretical knowledge not activated in the matter. So you perfectly master the concrete teaching, practice of this science of rejuvenation.”

This method : Continuous training including meditation, is exactly the method that Maryam used to transform her life, her body, her relationships, her finances, going from 80.000 € of debts to financial independence, living in prosperity thanks to her own creativity, clearing all of her debts within 2 years, sharing her story through the dozens of places and countries where she has been in the world since (see details of her story here).

That's why Maryam shares this method with me today : Because she deeply believes that every human being has the power to become ever freer, and it begins with living in ever-increasing prosperity and energy, growing the quality of my life, my relationships, my creativity, feel my human qualities expanding ...

Maryam has developed a special offer in which she shows me how to experience the benefits of meditation and training in an optimal way, whether I am a beginner or an expert in one of the two areas.

Today I can amplify the quality of my daily life on all levels because my inner transformation is (the only) guarantee of my external transformation, in the long term, in health and peace.

I can now:

  • Train myself as simply as possible, by listening to what is transmitted to me regularly, and reprogramming my brain and the way I function, naturally
  • Access new reprogramming sessions that incorporate the full explanation of the session, how it works, and how to get the best results I can in my life
  • Boost my serenity in an instant and reduce stress at level 0
  • Amplify my time available
  • Improve the quality of my days and nights
  • Propel my level of abundance with the choice of "doing" less, much less
  • Living the "Law of Attraction" to a level far beyond what I have known until now
  • Increase my intellectual abilities
  • Broaden my level of health and beauty
  • and so much more.

With this method, Maryam has multiplied her gross revenue by 10 in just one year, x20 in 2 years, working actively less than an hour a day the second year. Her main work is a form of meditation or what may be called HYPNO THERAPY.

She shows you how to do it too, with :


The most enjoyable, holistic and enriching online live training

This online live training is the result of 8 years of work, education (Maryam graduated in management and business strategy) and daily meditation.

I do not need to do the same thing : Maryam serves me her complete method in a super simplified mode (hurrray !).

Today Maryam wishes to share this training with me because it is for her the best way to live a prosperous life and in peace, on the long term.

Every day I can access, alternatively, from the comfort of my home :

  • a new training content on a specific theme of global energy & prosperity +
  • a live video support online, which guarantees me the maximum of results.
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