is an Energy & Startegy Training in which I, Maryam, will share with you exactly :

  • How to easily find your niche / topic / life mission
  • The most energetic and strategic industry for you to be in, and why
  • The 2 step method to know your life mission / expertise to share based on your body's response and how you feel
  • How to rebalance your levels of peace and stress, so you are able to provide value for the world and prosper healthily
  • Which service you can create & give that will generate the most value for others
  • Check-up : Check what is making you feel most alive versus what is draining your energy and making you feel the opposite
  • How to find the heart of your activity/Mission as a Creator and build your BASE (part 1)
  • The regression method to exactly find your niche and life mission
  • How to shift your 'professional life' and level of wealth just by changing that 1 thing
  • How the quality of your life as a content creator and passive income maker is exactly the reflection of THIS
  • The highlight of your blueprint and how to rebuild the latter in a healthier version
  • Your own tools to empower your blueprint and share your life mission to your niche
  • Case studies : The example of the full process with real people and their own life experiences so you can better do the same for yourself !

Shift your lifestyle and match your HIGHER SELF

with my Transformative 3 step method that I have applied for years for a lot more energy & abundance, while consuming and doing way less.

Here is the 3 step method for Rejuvenation, prosperity and energy while tuning exactly to your purpose & passion > In this training with me, you will have it all within 10 days (instead of a decade it took for me, and over a lifetime it takes for most people...) :

N°1/3 : Being a respected human being and leader/master of Yourself > Essentially through profundly shifting your mind & tuning inward in a specific way.

We will be using the following tools to master this 1st step : Powerful guided inner travelling, visualization sessions, expanded expression through the activation of your 2 inner eternal Sources of Energy.

N°2/3 : Positioning yourself with a strategic energy system (inward/outward). Because Energy IS strategy. If you do not have a set system for yourself that you can exude in the World, you don't have anything. Meditation is great, but it is not enough. Living on Energy & in Abundance is trully experiencing, understanding and MASTERING ENERGY.

We will be using the following tools to master this 2nd step : Inner and outer Management systems of Massive Energy Flow, unravelling the gems of your Full Body Capacities.

N°3/3 : Reset your Blueprint, based on the first 2 points. And this is nothing "spiritual" or "spooky" > Indicators of your blueprint being updated to a better and more original version of yourself are : How you carry yourself, the tone of your voice, how people change through/remember you, your capacity to adapt/improvise/create in any given situation.

We will be using the following tools to master this 3rd step : The 3 step Action Plan to Manifest in no time, instantly, with the least 'energy waste'.

Unlocking all the blocks and patterns that prevent you from succeeding, clearing all your inner pathways through specific bodywork and reprogramming techniques.

"P R O S P E R I N P E A C E" C O N T A I N S


1 daily TEACHING session to know your Power & Purpose on a personal level

+ 1 daily GUIDED VISUALIZATION session to shift your reality and access other ones

+ 1 daily BREATHING TECHNIQUE to reprogram your mind & body

Unlimited access to the course via your Private Member Area

Get your ideas shifted to their best version with Maryam, earning passive income through selling holistic online courses and building Academies since 2011.

Avoid years of struggle.

When does PROSPER IN PEACE begin ?

PROSPER IN PEACE begins as soon as you validate your payment !

It all takes place online, in your personal and private member area that you get access to by email straight after your payment. You can access wherever you live in the World, whenever you feel like, as much as you want !

Every day for 10 days you get access to a new content :)



"You are a Goddess ! Your ideas are great, your energy is high. And travelling with a selfie stick to record my teachings on the go has been one of the most simple feedback you shared that made my Breatharian Lifestyle even more fun, shareable & profitable.” Elitom Elamin

"After listening to the audios and practicing, the roads have emerged as miraculously. A small example: I am an air contortionist and I wanted to create a performance with a partner in a star but I had neither the budget to build it nor the partner. And overnight the manufacturer to whom I had asked for a quote to propose to offer me the star in exchange for an advertising partnership. Not to mention all the little things on a daily basis that allow me to save time..." Brigitte M. Richard

"...I have always been inefficient in the commercial field or in sales, I did not like money ... and here with you, I find myself in a sales force, a bit American, very framed and uninhibited, and I'm like a fish in the water! You always validate what is beautiful is great in others and at the professional level, what a booster! Everything is simple, you know how to structure Work Matrices in which we only have to melt and play. You are an illuminator of unlimited potentials!

Short...gratitude MaryÂm !" Mesnet J. Charier

The investment for PROSPER IN PEACE is

currently only £197 instead of £2000

  • You get access to PROSPER IN PEACE straight after your payment
  • You receive an email confirmation straight after your payment.
  • I have additional questions? I can contact the team at
  • You are fully refunded if you do not get any results despite your actions within 60 days following the training !


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