6 Months

Intensive Training


with Elitom

From July 2022 until January 2023

You can ask all the questions you want

Places are limited to ensure quality. There is a 2 hour session every day every other week, live online via Skype.

All live sessions available off line too

Replays of all the live sessions are available for you to watch anytime if you cannot join the live sessions, or simply if you want to re-access the sessions offline.

Covid-19 friendly

Following the Covid-19 rules/advices : No physical retreat is planned in UK/Europe/USA until further notice.

100% Comfortable

You can join from your computer and the comfort of your own home : It will be exactly like a video call to your friends !

Matching YOUR individual needs 100%

Nothing is mandatory, if you don't feel comfortable with one practice at a certain time, you do not have to do it.

Elitom's Life Changing 6 Months 2022 Intensive Training Live via Skype

only £1400 today instead of over £8000

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