21 day Mindset Reprogramming Audio Program

Transform yourself by tuning your mind to the Breatharian Reality, in less than 10 minutes a day. Just Listen, Nothing to do. (Audio Program)

Relearn to Breathe Completely

Implement 10 powerful new ways of breathing, to fully nourrish yourself the Pranic way, in no time, and live nourished and fulfilled like never before ! (Video Program)

Easy Transformative Breatharian Body building (from home)

Workout according to your age and experience greater results + Implement this yogic practice which BECOMES a workout on this energetic path and transform your body with NO RISKS. Exercising has never been so powerful, fun, rejuvenating and energizing, in less than 15 minutes ! (Video Course)

Track your progress daily in all key areas of your life, for a whole year > Ebook version (print at home)

A day in the life of a Breatharian

What you need to do daily to generate, store and use energy, the Breatharian way + the DOs and the DONTs + What is the Immortal Thought Process : Don't just live an average boring life, go the SuperHuman way instead, it is possible for you too.

30 day personal support by email

Ask your questions by email, get personal answers, share your journey and receive premium invaluable support

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